Accelerating Meta-Learning by Sharing Gradients

  • Chang, Oscar*; Flokas, Lampros; Lipson, Hod
  • Accepted abstract
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The success of gradient-based meta-learning is primarily attributed to its ability to leverage related tasks to learn task-invariant information. However, the absence of interactions between different tasks in the inner loop leads to task-specific over-fitting in the initial phase of meta-training. While this is eventually corrected by the presence of these interactions in the outer loop, it comes at a significant cost of slower meta-learning. To address this limitation, we explicitly encode task relatedness via an inner loop regularization mechanism inspired by multi-task learning. Our algorithm shares gradient information from previously encountered tasks as well as concurrent tasks in the same task batch, and scales their contribution with meta-learned parameters. We show using two popular few-shot classification datasets that gradient sharing enables meta-learning under bigger inner loop learning rates and can accelerate the meta-training process by up to 134%.

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