Deep Sets for Generalization in Reinforcement Learning

  • Karch, Tristan; Colas, Cédric*; Teodorescu, Laetitia; Moulin-Frier, Clément; Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves
  • Accepted abstract
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This paper investigates the idea of encoding object-centered representations in the design of the reward function and policy architectures of a language-guided reinforcement learning agent. This is done using a combination of object-wise permutation invariant networks inspired from Deep Sets and gated-attention mechanisms. In a 2D procedurally-generated world where agents targeting goals in natural language navigate and interact with objects, we show that these architectures demonstrate strong generalization capacities to out-of-distribution goals. We study the generalization to varying numbers of objects at test time and further extend the object-centered architectures to goals involving relational reasoning.

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