Safely Transferring to Unsafe Environments with Constrained Reinforcement Learning

  • Knight, Ethan*; Achiam, Joshua
  • Accepted abstract
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Agents deployed in the real world should operate safely, under constraints appropriate to the environment around them. In this work, we consider the problem of safe transfer: learning a safe, general policy from a low-stakes environment, and then transferring that policy to a more complex, high-stakes environment while continuing to satisfy safety constraints. In our experiments, we investigate safe transfer in an obstacle-avoidance setting, where we train a vision-based locomotion agent for transfer between simulated environments with different kinds of obstacles. In the low-stakes environment, the agent navigates around walls in its path, and in the complex high-stakes environment, the agent must avoid bumping into humanoids that are performing random actions from a motion capture dataset. We find that agents pre-trained in the low-stakes environment incur much lower cumulative cost than agents trained from scratch in the high-stakes environment while maintaining comparable performance, providing evidence and hope that future large-scale constrained reinforcement learning deployments can benefit from the safe transfer approach.

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