BabyAI++: Towards Grounded-Language Learning beyond Memorization

  • Cao, Tianshi; Wang, Jingkang; Zhang, Annie; Manivasagam, Sivabalan*
  • Accepted abstract
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Despite success in many real-world tasks (e.g., robotics), reinforcement learning (RL) agents still learn from tabula rasa when facing new and dynamic scenarios.By contrast, humans can offload this burden through textual descriptions. Although recent works have shown the benefits of instructive texts in goal-conditioned RL, few have studied whether descriptive texts help agents to generalize across dynamic environments. To promote research in this direction, we introduce a new platform, BabyAI++, to generate various dynamic environments along with corresponding descriptive texts. Moreover, we benchmark several baselines inherited from the instruction following setting and develop a novel approach towards visually-grounded language learning on our platform. Extensive experiments show strong evidence that using descriptive texts improves the generalization of RL agents across environments with varied dynamics.

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